The Lunar iDXA delivers crisp, high-resolution images of the hip and spine. End plates on spine images are clearly rendered to easily identify intervertebral spaces. The higher resolution enhances proximal femur details, and aids in visualization of cortical thickness.


standard Lunar Prodigy™, today GE Healthcare takes an enthusiastic leap into the future of bone health and total body wellness with the paradigm-shattering Lunar iDXA™. The Lunar iDXA™ is a prime example of GE Healthcare’s four-part goal. Like all of our quality products, it’s the easiest to use, it offers the best precision and accuracy,

. . . . 100-127 VAC 50/60HzW 20A dedicated circuit 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz 10A de dicated circuit Consumption . . .

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One in four women over the age of . 50 will suffer a vertebral fracture in her remaining lifetime, with severe impact on quality of life. 1. It’s vertebral assessment is . … The Lunar iDXA is also affordable from the practice’s perspective.

Body composition was measured with Lunar idxa at the Swedish Winter Sports muscle mass, body fat mass and bone density ( Lunar idxa GE Healthcare). 5 6-7 2 English Safety instructions Specifications & parts Recommended exercises.

Therefore, it’s critical to take into account the entire body – bone, fat, and lean tissue. Lunar iDXA offers research-grade image resolution and exacting precision, giving you a high degree of clinical confidence with all body types. Consider Lunar iDXA not only for today's imaging needs but also as an enduring platform for the future. Learn more with our GoldSeal brochure.

The GE Lunar iDXA (GE Healthcare Lunar, Madison, WI) is a fan-beam DXA system released into the market in 2005. It has demonstrated a high in vivo precision for bone mineral density (BMD) measurements of the total body, lumbar spine, femoral neck, and total hip . Previous reports on the iDXA precision have largely been focused on total body parameters.

Lunar idxa specifications

. . . .

Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try 2010-10-01 · The Lunar iDXA differs from previous models by improved point typing, producing images with higher resolution and accommodating larger patients (up to 182 kg).
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Lunar idxa specifications

Content available from CC BY 4.0: 573b1a8d08aea45ee84056bb.pdf. Prodigy Lunar iDXA SEE *Slope (r2) SEE Slope (r2) Beak Index 0.36 mm 1.0005 (0.9575) 0.33 mm 0.9998 (0.9608) 180 170 160 150 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 6789 Location (mm) Location: 105.2 mm Width: 6.9 mm Trend: Medial Cortical Width Width (mm) 180 170 160 150 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 6789 Location (mm) Location: 105.2 mm Width: 6.9 mm Trend Lunar iDXA: Clinical applications : AP-spine, forearm, hip, lateral spine, total body BMD and body composition: SCAN PARAMETERS: SmartFan automatic mode, width, height, mA, pixel size, speed: POWER NEEDED, VAC, HZ : 100-240 : WEIGHT, kg : 272 (600) DIMENSIONS : 287 x 131 x 125 (113 x 51.6 x 49.2) Operator console : 71 x 63.5 x 73.7 (28 x 25 x The brains behind Lunar iDXA is the photon counting direct-to-digital based detector technology that provides near-radiographic image quality, allowing you to see more clearly than ever before. By using Cadmium Telluride (CdTe), the d ose-efficient photon counting detector technology simultaneously counts low and high energy X-rays photons resulting in lower dosage to the patient and faster CoreScan is a new software for the GE Lunar iDXA, which provides a quantification of visceral adipose tissue (VAT). The objective of this study was to determine the in vivo precision of CoreScan Et avec Lunar iDXA, GE Santé offre notre système le plus avancé pour fournir les données et les images dont vous avez besoin. Que vous soyez en train d’évaluer la densité osseuse, le risque de fracture, la santé métabolique, le développement pédiatrique ou la sarcopénie le iDXA de Lunar vous donne une vue claire à l’intérieur du corps.

It’s vertebral assessment is . … The Lunar iDXA is also affordable from the practice’s perspective. There are insurance carrier hassles to worry about since patients pay directly for body composition scans. And with a population in need of more tools to improve their health, a practice is free to determine the … GE Healthcare recommends viewing the instructions for navigating the Lunar enCORE™ based X-ray Bone Densitometer User Manual before proceeding through the online guide for the first time.
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The Lunar iDXA™ is a prime example of GE Healthcare's four-part goal. Like all of Proximal Femur details like the Femoral Head, visualize. Cortical Thickness  

Dexa Services is the #1 company for all refurbished and pre-owned GE Lunar Bone Densitometer Machines. private offices by offering pre-owned clean and tested systems that meet OEM specifications.

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Details. Innovation to enable advanced radiation therapy planning Advanced FAN BEAM. DEXA BONE DENSITOMETER / FAN BEAM LUNAR iDXA.

Subcategory: Densitometers. Listing ID: 40085109  Description; Specifications; Reviews; Video. 2015 Lunar Prodigy.

GE Healthcare has recently developed the Lunar intelligent DXA (iDXA), a fan-beam densitometer that uses slightly higher amounts of radiation and enhanced detector capabilities, the latter

Feb 18, 2013 DXA equipment provided by GE Healthcare, Lunar General Electric Company reserves the right to make changes in specifications. A total of 334 beef, 212 pork and 155 lamb carcasses were used to build calibration equations. Left carcass sides were scanned with a Lunar iDXA unit and then. operating scanner, read the Safety and Technical Specifications manual which is part of sarcopenia Lunar iDXA gives you a clear glimpse inside the body. May 26, 2020 An iDXA instrument (GE-Lunar, Madison, WI, USA) is used in the imaging enhancement to measure several body sites using a protocol that  Specifications: Measurement Method : Other Details. RRP: SKU: Sonost-3000 GE Lunar iDXA Fan Beam Bone Densitometer $34,500.00. GE Lunar Prodigy  Technical Specifications.

Lunar iDXA ™ Specification Sheet 287 cm (113") 131 cm (52") 125 cm (49") 64 cm (25") 287 cm (113") 131 cm (52") 125 cm (49") 64 cm (25") Scanner dimensions: Computer specifications: • ™Intel® Core i3 Processor • Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 64-bit • RAM 8 GB • Hard drive 1 TB • Optical drive DVD-RW The Lunar iDXA is designed to have minimal impact on your practice in both the installation requirements and required operating space. The Lunar iDXA is shown in a 3.35 m x 3.2 m exam room with the included workstation. No operator shielding or special site preparation beyond a dedicated 100-127/200-240 VAC duplex outlet is usually required. 5 Lunar iDXA detectors use solid-state crystals (Cadmium Telluride or CdTe) that absorb the X-ray energy and result in the immediate release of electrons from their atoms (i.e. direct conversion). An applied voltage pushes the electrons out of the crystal, effectively creating a current pulse whose magnitude is proportional to the X-ray energy. Lunar iDXA offers research-grade image resolution and exacting precision, giving you a high degree of clinical confidence with all body types.